Delivery Updates [January 2022]

Hello spice-lovers! 

We've finally gotten through most of our back-log and are in the process of getting our final wave of Christmas Crates shipped out. Deadline for on-time Christmas delivery was December 5th, but we left the orders open for those who still wanted the crate but weren't able to grab one in time. We couldn't have expected the demand (600+ Crates ordered before December 5th) but I'm happy we were able to get them all out in time! The left-over orders have actively been worked on, but we've just finally hit the final few hundred crates and we're excited to get them out ASAP

Extra Spicy/Spicy WWs are having their randomizer re-worked and that should be available again soon, this will help with buffering out items on our list that are banned or the target of buy-outs. 

Commander's Fury Crates: This product is getting re-worked and has a slight delay on existing orders, we should have inventory processed and ready to go soon - but we want to curate a more exciting list and swap things around so it doesn't get too boring. We'll have an update on it soon. 

We're trying to respond to as many emails as we can about delivery updates, but it's nearly impossible with the volume coming in at the moment and the entire team focused on packing. We appreciate the patience and love you guys! We hope you're having an epic winter season, and cracking some SPICE during it. 

-Mystery MTG Alan