Refund Policy

IMPORTANT: All cancelled or refunded orders that are by customer's request are subject to a 5% restocking fee. This fee is non-negotiable, and will be charged prior to the refund processing. 



Themed Crate: 3 - 6 - 9 Pack Premium, Standard 9 Pack, Wait What Packs, Singles: Ship within 1-5 business days

Monthly Crates: Commander's Fury, Monthly Booster Box: Ship on the 30th of each month 

Account [Subscription] cancellation is done on your account page, this is completely user-driven. If you do not have the option, that is because you have agreed to the 10% off cash discount in exchange for a minimum of 2 months subscription. The option to cancel becomes available once those 2 months are finished. If an order is processed because you forgot to cancel your subscription, the CS rep you interact with has the ability to deny/approve late-processing requests depending on the circumstances. However..PLEASE CANCEL BEFORE AN ORDER PROCESSES! Our packaging happens once an order is placed, and if it's already packaged the order cannot be refunded.


All shipments are now final. If the package is marked as delivered by the courier, we can no longer intervene in the process. We can only assist in problems in shipping prior it being marked delivered. This is due to a large amount of fraudulent chargebacks, stolen product, and fraudulent claims to receive more product. Due to the demand for sealed product, Mystery MTG must take every step to protect it's customers and inventory from bad actors. Note: If you are found doing charge-backs or fraudulent claims, we will take legal action to protect our inventory.

If you opt into PwE shipping, with no tracking, you accept delivery risk for the cheaper price of shipping without tracking. Once it leaves our warehouse, we are unable to assist. 

*IMPORTANT* Prices of singles and sealed products are done at the time of shipping, if a re-print is announced or the prices fluctuate drastically before you receive the product, we are not liable and no refund will be issued. We do not influence Magic The Gathering prices, therefore we are not responsible for what happens to it once a box is packed.* However, we do offer a refund if a ban is announced within a month of a single being sent out. The single must be shipped back to us. 

*IMPORTANT* While some of our products are curated, many are just run through our randomizer. This randomizer contains a set of conditions depending on the customer and allows for one exclusion when a product is ordered, please make sure you make the exclusion BEFORE placing the order. Otherwise it may not be honored.

Making adjustments or canceling your order before it has shipped

Crates always go through several rounds of quality checks and hand crafted curation so early cancellation is only allowed if this process hasn't started. If this process has started, we charge a 5% cancellation fee.

Refunding delivered sealed products

Contact us directly if you'd like to return sealed product that you received but haven't opened. Due to the widespread issue of re-sealed packs and the weighing/tampering of product - we reserve the right to refuse any refunds for sealed product and singles. However, if you contact us with a valid reason we may be able to work with you. 

Refunding delivered singles

Due to the volatile nature of the singles market, we do not accept returns on single cards.


1: If an item is lost after complete delivery and verification from the carrier, we can only assist in opening a claim, but cannot refund/re-send product unless proof is given of theft. Once again, this is to protect against fraudulent orders.  

2: Commander Pre-cons and Booster boxes may tear during transit. We will only process a refund if the inner cards have been damaged during shipment - the product must also be re-sent back to us. We've had fraudulent attempts to return tampered with products, so we have to be strict with this policy.

3: Subscriptions must have 3 orders fulfilled before they are able to get canceled. [2 if noted on the product page]

4: Minimum value is guaranteed for certain products - this value is tied to TCG MID values and is specified on the product page.