About Us: Pack Opening Addicts, Pro-Employee, Pro-Consumer

Born in 2018, Mystery MTG is a community-driven Brick & Mortar focused on building a relationship with Gamers and families across North America. 

We're a WPN Premium for Magic the Gathering, Asmodee Platinum for Board Games, and an authorized retailer and play-partner for Disney Lorcana, Bandai, Konami, and many more brands. We sell sealed, singles, and host a variety of in-person tournaments locally in Plano TX.

So why do we exist? Why shop from us?  

Mystery MTG has, and continues, to operate at a loss. That's right, we don't make money. It's been an incredible struggle to get this far - attempting to offer product at competitive prices while also maintaining a competitive and sustainable wage, and attractive promotions for customers across the world. Heck, we even give 1% cash-back on every order! We've made it a mission to make sure you're proud of shopping from us, and that every decision is pro-employee, pro-customer, and is positive for the games we know and love. That isn't cheap, so we've turned to other ventures to make profit, including our upcoming DnD themed cafe in Plano TX. 


Margins have become thinner and thinner, so the obvious answer has been to cut wage and reduce benefits. We've taken the opposite path. By December of 2023, all full-time employees at Mystery MTG and Mystery Cards & Games will be offered healthcare, 401k, and mile-stone equity. That's right, our employees become our co-owners. 


First, every single member of staff has been playing Magic the Gathering for at least a decade. We're active members in our local and domestic community, and make sure every single action we take is positive for those who shop and play with us. 

Fair pricing is always our main focus. While we price at market online, we have several programs available in-house to get product at heavily discounted prices - Including our MCG Wholesale Program. For a monthly fee, you pay what we pay for your favorite games and accessories. 

That sounds amazing! What are your future goals?

Events. Every single RCQ hosted at Mystery Cards & Games has sold-out. Our weekly leagues have incredible attendance, and we want to invest everything back into our players. So we're currently working on the MCG Mythic Invitations, a $5000 cEDH & Modern event held locally here in Texas. We hope to be able to invest in, and work on, extremely large TCG based events. 

Value. Making profit is needed to run a business, and not making money means you'll eventually no longer have a shop, and no longer have employees. However, we aim to do business by providing value. Meaning why try to always remain competitive with pricing, and make sure you walk away happy after each transaction. 

Nostalgia. Whether it's Revised, Ice-Age, or Tempest, we have an incredible amount of nostalgia for older Magic the Gathering and know you probably do too. We're continuing to offer subscription crates filled with vintage sealed so you can enjoy this beautiful blast to the past too.