About Us - Pack Opening Addicts

Born in 2020, Mystery Magic Crates is a community-driven company focused on building a relationship with MTG players and families across North America. As a monthly-subscription focused service, MMC focuses on connecting players with sets and products that will enhance their game experience. We've built this service so a new (or older)player might get sealed product from an old set and get to experience the same joy we felt while cracking the pack or box open without having to pay the premiums found online today.

In fact, MMC started when our founder became frustrated with the difficulty of getting a product that offered the appeal of packs from random sets without paying a premium and being sent deck boxes, sleeves, and other items used to lessen the value of the product he received. Overall, the experiences were less than stellar and from there, the challenge became apparent: create a service that doesn't skimp on value, and also provides the mysterious allure most pack-openers want.

Our method for choosing the products we offer is simple, if we wouldn't want it - we won't offer it.

Why do you guys not care about profit?

This is a passion project. Every single member of MMC has been playing Magic The Gathering for over a decade. We're active members in our local MTG communities and we know there are a TON of pack-opening addicts like us out there.  

Value. It just simply isn't possible to start a service that offers true value while also maintaining high margins. We came into this business knowing that, and we don't care. As long as we can keep going and customers are happy - we'll stick with choosing making you guys happy rather than making more profit. 

Nostalgia. Can't tell you what it felt like opening an Ice Age pack for the first time. Value of the singles didn't matter at the time - the beautiful art and the excitement was priceless. 
We want you guys to experience the same thing - and we want you to experience it every month.