MCG Wholesale Subscription [Gold]

Sale price$85.00


This is our subscription plan for those who buy larger quantities of sealed product and singles. You'll have access to our 30+ partner stores, and 5 of the largest distribution channels in North America. We have a massive inventory of newer product, older product, and rarer supplementary product like vintage Fat Packs and Planeswalker Decks. That's just scratching the surface  Prices for Gold Subscribers are private.

How it works:

1: Buy the subscription

2: Join our discord: and contact Mystery MTG Alan or Mystery MTG Michael (your wholesale reps) 

3: You'll be added to our wholesale chatroom where specials, pricing, and allocation for newer sets are handed out. 

4: You can order anything from Magic the Gathering, to Pokemon, to accessories like sleeves and playmats, to literally ANYTHING being sold through distribution! You'll enjoy an average of 40-50% off of retail MSRP. 

What's included? 

  • MCG Distribution Pricing: Buy a few cases of product each set? Get stellar savings by paying our wholesale prices. This applies to EVERY brand we carry, not just Magic The Gathering. Whether it's hard to find Pokemon product, Disney Lorcana, or the new LOTR set: You won't find better prices.

PRICES [Standard Sets]:

Standard Draft Box: $88

Standard Collector Box: $185

Standard Bundle: $30



*Subscriptions must be held for 3 months before cancellation. Once cancelled, the subscription cannot be re-subscribed to*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Greg A.

Seriously, if you’re into purchasing in any volume. This is the only place and way to do it. MysteryMTG has great pricing, and an incredibly responsive team.

Insane value..

I've saved something like $4000 in the past 2 months ordering Pokemon and MTG stuff
Easy process, just message staff what you want and you can pickup in store or get it delivered.
love the team and alan, thanks for everything you guys do

plus wholesale applies to dragonshield and ultra pro..

Huge Value

I joined this recently and can already see the outstanding value. If you’re someone that is at buying a few boxes per month, preordering the newest sets, or multiple IP collector then this is a no brainer. The deals are cheap and you get your own allocations can’t find that anywhere else!

Kelvin Arauz
Not for those not familiar with these programs

Great product but those not familiar with these types of programs will feel a bit confused. The owner has set it up that there is an assumption that you understand how to play ball with this subscription, but I was not one of those customers. This can lead to some confusion, but there has been great communication to guide me through. Hopefully in the future there is a FAQ to alleviate this problem.