This message is from the CEO & Founder of Mystery MTG, Alan Hussein

When starting Mystery MTG, formerly known as Magic Mystery Crates, times were simpler. We had a mountain of sealed Magic The Gathering product, good intentions, and rapidly gained a community filled with like-minded individuals who loved opening sealed TCG products. Our team consisted of veterans, casuals, and overly competitive players, but we all had one common interest: Cracking MTG packs. 

That was a few years ago, and luckily our service has, at the core, stayed the same. We offer transparency beyond what was ever asked of us, products that continue to remain unrivaled, and a focus on community that grows every day. Seeing the same customers return monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily, has created a sense of family for everyone within this project. We've definitely made mistakes, and some products were complete misses. But the feedback from you guys has always been productive and we're eternally appreciative for the understanding shown when we get it wrong. *cough cough, this years Christmas Crate - trust me, we know* 

Anyhow, we hit our 10,000th order. Even when writing that, I have to take a bit of a pause to grasp the immensity. This was started as a passion project, and we're still actively losing money on it (which I'll touch on later) but the community provides a level of value that money can't. Seeing the same names pop up, getting the same cheerful and encouraging emails, and getting to enjoy crate opening videos from you guys has left a mark on all of us, and continues to be the reason why we do this. 

As for the losing money part...the entire team has thrived amazingly well financially OUTSIDE of Mystery MTG, and this business has leaned more towards being a nuisance than it has being a successful business. By all metrics, it's become bigger than anyone could have expected, and we know exactly what our customers want - VALUE. Unfortunately, even when we bite the bullet and take a loss on a product overall to increase the value, the fees associated to running a business (including payroll, promotions, overhead) double the loss expected initially. We'll make a video about this later, but getting to the important topic at hand here...

Once our physical store officially re-opens, our shift towards charitable acts will become a BIG part of why our business continues. Every themed crate, every raffle, and every event will have a portion of the revenue donated directly to a charity of your choice (voted on monthly in-shop) and our Singles & Sealed shop will help maintain pay-roll for employees. We will reserve a part of the store to become a Gallery that highlights MTG/F&B/Comic art, and to become a sit-down auction area for collectible items and memorabilia. All of this is what keeps us going. The want to do more for the community outside of just Magic The Gathering and other TCGs has become paramount, and we hope you join us for the long ride ahead. 

Unfortunately, even with all the fun we've had, there have been a few losses in our community too. Some of our favorite customers have left us too soon, and that hurt more than even I could have anticipated. Their names will be engraved on our walls, and their impact on us will be cemented in our history. We hope to honor you guys in every way possible, and once again - we are eternally grateful for your support. Cheers to the next 10,000 orders, and the 10,000 after that. 

Stay spicy friends,