Covid/Health-Issues Update [Delivery and live-streams]

Hello fellow pack openers, 

Alan here, CEO and Founder of Mystery MTG. As many of you know, I and 2 other employees have come down with what we suspect to be Covid. I have tested positive, and the other 2 have yet to test. It's hit me harder than I could have ever expected (we're all double vaccinated and have had our booster shots) but we're attempting to salvage the situation by getting temporary help out here to process already packed orders. 

It's incredibly unfortunate that this happened at the peak of our holiday season, and with many of our post December 6th orders waiting to go out. Our last day for Christmas delivery was December 3rd, but we wanted to try and get as many out as possible for those who missed the deadline. It hurts seeing so many Cavern of Souls/Force of Wills/Jeweled Lotuses/Snapcaster Mages already in toploaders just waiting to be shipped out. 

All packages have been sanitized, and will continue to be sprayed before leaving our warehouse, but incoming packers will be required to show a negative test result before starting packaging - and isolated packaging will resume. 

I am currently bed-bound but remain motivated to get better quickly as we have a TON of exciting events planned, and cases of sealed just waiting to get cracked by you. Our temporary packers will resume packaging and shipping tomorrow, albeit at a slower pace. 

Be safe, be healthy, and stay spicy.


Mystery MTG