MTG Christmas Bundle

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This is the perfect gift for your playgroup members, your family members, or for yourself! This is the smaller version of our popular MTG Christmas Crate. ALL Crates are in gift wrapping and each pack/single is individually gift wrapped. Opening these will be an epic experience on Christmas Day! 

You'll get a Modern Horizons 1 Booster, Masters 25 Booster, Modern Horizon 2 Set Booster, and a random Collector Booster Pack from the list below. You'll ALSO get 1-2 EXTRA SPICY Singles and special edition 100+ Dragon Shield Christmas Sleeves! The singles are pooled from our most popular purchases of 2023. 

Any orders Past December 16th may not arrive before December 25th and might suffer from carrier shipping delays that might push back arrival into January.

This is the perfect gift for your playgroup members, your family members, or for yourself! 

SINGLES YOU CAN GET [All variations - both Foil/Non-Foil]: 

-Jeweled Lotus

-Vampiric Tutor

-Demonic Tutor

-Jace The Mind Sculptor 

-Old Gnawbone

-The Great Henge 

-The Scarab God 


-The Wandering Emperor 

-Chalice of the Void

-The Ur Dragon 

-Mikaeus, The Unhallowed




-Modern Horizon 2 Set Booster Pack

-Modern Horizon 1 Booster Pack

-Masters 25 Booster Pack 

-Random Collector Booster Pack [Neon Kamigawa, Modern Horizon 2, Commander Legends 1, Baldur's Gate, Brothers War, Midnight Hunt, Crimson Vow, Ikoria, etc.]


-100+ Count Dragon Shield Christmas Sleeves 


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Jeffrey Cutrer
Christmas Bundle

Great bundle! The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because it arrived two weeks late and when I asked about it, nobody responded to my email to help out.