The MTG Christmas Crate

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Christmas is almost here! We've decided to celebrate our favorite holiday of the year by crafting a VERY spicy limited edition crate. Supplies are limited, and availability will be cut the day before Christmas!

What can you get?

Singles [1]:

  • Tundra [Dual Land] - 3rd Edition, Revised
  • Badlands [Dual Land]
  • Scalding Tarn [Fetch Land] 
  • Misty Rainforest [Fetch Land]
  • Force of Negation
  • Force of Will
  • Jeweled Lotus
  • Elesh Norn [Phyrexian/English]
  • Phyrexian Jin-Gitaxias
  • Phyrexian Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger
  • Demonic Tutor
  • Vampiric Tutor
  • Mystical Tutor
  • Toxic Deluge
  • Ulamog, The Ceaseless Hunger [UMA Topper/Regular]
  • Cavern of Souls
  • Kozilek, Butcher of Truth [UMA Topper/Regular]
  • Avacyn, Angel of Hope [2XM Topper/Regular]
  • SPECIAL! - VIP Double Masters Sealed Box [Replaces Single]


          3 Premium MTG packs (we're talking about the good stuff)

  • Urza's Saga
  • Eternal Masters
  • Double Masters
  • Modern Masters 2017
  • Modern Masters 2015
  • Avacyn Restored
  • Onslaught
  • Exodus
  • Coldsnap
  • Eventide
  • OG Zendikar
  • Kaladesh 
  • Battlebond
  • Dark Ascension
  • Shadows over Innistrad
  • Ikoria Collectors
  • Zendikar Rising Collectors
  • Kaldheim Collectors
  • Innistrad Collectors 


         EXTRA GIFT!: 1 out of every 4 orders will receive a "special gift"

  • Random Secret Lair
  • Signed Kaalia of the Vast playmat by Scott Fischer 
  • Signed Force of Will playmat by Scott Fischer
  • Mirrodin Besieged Booster Pack
  • Ice Age Starter Deck
  • Mystery MTG signed hoodie 
  • Mystery MTG signed T-Shirt 


Orders are shipped on the 10th of December


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Awesome Product!

Gave as a gift for Christmas and they were ecstatic! Great product, highly recommend. Thank you!

Robert Greene
Ordered 2 - Give one a 5 and one a 2

First order was pretty good and about at value price-wise and got a Secret Lair.

I was pretty excited for the second, but it was a underwhelming. There were a couple collector booster packs included, and 3 non-foil cards, but the actual value was not like the first and it felt like it was missing something, especially compared to the first order.

Austin Zebertavage
Great Christmas Present!

While I was initially disappointed that I didn't get an Urza's Saga pack, the rest of the package was just great! I had some old packs and I got a planeswalker secret lair that was the same colors and works with a new commander deck I am building. I also received some singles, one of which was a morphic pool! All in all, it was a great experience and they listened when I asked for them to exclude a product.

Michael Kiesinger
Fun surprise

No problems with packaging and it was fun to open a group of random packs.

Heather Quaas-Annsa
Totally worth it

Loved opening up the random packs and got some awesome singles. Definitely worth the price. Will happily purchase another mystery crate!