Why the recent lack of content? [May 2023]
Nearly daily I get messages asking why we've toned down the content and live-streams. This hurts a bit, as the connection to the community is the one thing that keeps me going daily. But...I'm going to be a dad! That's right - the guy who used to spend half his paycheck on packs now has real life responsibilities. I still sit down for EDH almost every week, and crack more packs than I should - but, for the first time in life, I'm spending more time at hospitals and family gatherings than I am at an LGS. Weird right?
Many of you already know this, but this is just a reminder that things have not actually slowed down at all on the back-end even though we've slowed the front-facing content down a bit
In fact, 2023 has been our most successful year to date. We sold more than $500,000 worth of MTG in the first 4 months of 2023 and continue to ship product globally everyday. We've hosted hundreds of tournaments with stellar turn-out numbers, and are working on various new projects in the background. Luckily with sealed product falling in price, we've been able to stock up on almost every set released without the crazy premiums we experienced in 2021.
We've also more importantly focused on legal and accounting projects, and boy has that been a time-sink.
Ultimately though, things will be back to normal by the release of LOTR and we'll have an explosion of content, deals, and online/physical tournaments ON TOP of some amazing partnerships we're excited to announce.
...and for those curious, it's going to be a boy 😉
-Mystery MTG Alan
May 14th