MTG Random Singles Pack (The...WAIT WHAT? Pack)

Spice Level: Spicy
Sale price$29.99


You'll get 1-3 random playable singles from a mountain of cards ranging from Alpha to AFR!

This is for those who want a little surprise every month with cards you'd definitely want to be putting into your decks!

Risk and Transparency Report

Included: 1-3 Magic The Gathering Singles or/with a sealed Box Topper Pack 2XM/IKO/ZNR

*Promotional/Limited Edition Singles are included in the pool*

Differences between Extra-Spicy WW and regular spicy WW: Extra-Spicy guarantees a win from our higher-end binders, with 2XM toppers (Sword of Feast and Famine, Mana Crypt, Stoneforge Mystic, etc) and the more premier playable singles such as Fetchlands, Mana rocks, and special promotions being present alongside a plethora of our most popular staples. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Gabriel LeCureux
Honestly kinda disappointed

I wanted to try it just because who knows could be cool now I think I hit just above the minimum which is fine but the only reason that it was even above the minimum was because it was foil I don't even like normal foils so it was just a super disappointing experience. But I will say that it is a bit on me for not putting in the order notes no normal foils ( big fan of foils etched) and they still haven't gotten back with me how to get access to my order notes hopefully soon

Hello Gabriel

Foils are a huge part of Magic, and they're something our customers typically love getting. We're sorry this wasn't what you wanted, but we hope you give us another try!

Matthew Wheeler
Not exactly what I expected

Didn’t know guaranteed masterpiece was actually gonna be a set called masterpiece. Didn’t know masterpiece was a set. Thought that it was just above extra spicy like high risk high reward no longer high risk. Guaranteed to get at least face value for the price.

I'm sorry Matthew - but Masterpieces are a huge part of MTG. They're highly sought after, and very collectible. They're not a set, but rather from two blocks. We're sorry you misunderstood, but hope you give us another try and we'll try to better explain the products if requested.

Jeremy Hunter

Great service! Quite happy with the speed of delivery and products! Package was very satisfying and secure!
Thank you Mystery Magic Crates!!

Woody Kromar
Lost and Late

So I like the idea of getting a guaranteed masterpiece but I ordered on 10/19 and received it on 11/16 with multiple problems with shipping and the order itself. Would make sense if it’s a monthly crate and I missed the ship by date but it’s not.

Hello Woody,

It appears your order was delivered yesterday. If the order has been lost, please contact us so we can open a case immediately.
Shipping for MPs is always end of the month as we sometimes have to order-in what's been won given the large volume of MPs on the randomizer. We also have to take more precaution on packing/shipping them as they tend to be higher value.

We apologize for the negative experience and hope to increase our shipping speeds in the near future, the holiday season is always rough but we make sure to get things out by the EOM deadline!

Mystery MTG

Joseph Nicol
Solid purchase

Just getting back into MTG and wanted to get some random spice. Items came fast and in good condition. Will probably order more in the future.