MTG Random Singles Pack (The...WAIT WHAT? Pack)

Spice Level: Spicy
Sale price$29.99


You'll get 1-3 random playable singles from a mountain of cards ranging from Alpha to AFR!

This is for those who want a little surprise every month with cards you'd definitely want to be putting into your decks!

Risk and Transparency Report

Included: 1-3 Magic The Gathering Singles or/with a sealed Box Topper Pack 2XM/IKO/ZNR

*Promotional/Limited Edition Singles are included in the pool*

Differences between Extra-Spicy WW and regular spicy WW: Extra-Spicy guarantees a win from our higher-end binders, with 2XM toppers (Sword of Feast and Famine, Mana Crypt, Stoneforge Mystic, etc) and the more premier playable singles such as Fetchlands, Mana rocks, and special promotions being present alongside a plethora of our most popular staples. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Corey Rodriguez
Great Purchase, fun Mystery

Great product overall if yah like the mystery aspect of it, almost always get the money worth in the card which is nice


Not worth the money

Not exactly what I was hoping for

Was fun to receive and check out some new cards I wouldn’t otherwise buy. Unfortunately the cards I received from the couple of orders of this I’ve done have been well below value of what I paid, this wouldn’t be a problem as I read the risk report etc. The main reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because the cards weren’t particularly powerful, I was hoping for something more playable but the cards I received all the value came from them being promo/foil versions of $5-10 cards (if that). Still fun but I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore of this product.


Definitely worth the buy! I've gotten lucky with my extra spicy subscription and have gotten cards twice that I've wanted either for a deck or just for my collection. It's fun seeing what arrives every month. I am always surprised.

Joe Rose
Worth it

The past two I've received have been awesome. I got one above value and one about 15 below but it's a card I've wanted for a long time. So a win in my book.