MTG Random Singles Pack (The...WAIT WHAT? Pack)

Spice Level: Spicy
Sale price$29.99


*HIGH RISK PRODUCT - Unlike our low-risk items, this product will vary wildly in value, on both the low and high side. Updated 8/7/2022 [Lowest $6.00 - Highest $1035.09] 

You'll get 1-3 random playable singles from a mountain of cards ranging from Alpha to AFR!

This is for those who want a little surprise every month with cards you'd definitely want to be putting into your decks!

Included: 1-3 Magic The Gathering Singles or/with a sealed Box Topper Pack 2XM/IKO/ZNR

*Promotional/Limited Edition Singles are included in the pool*

Differences between Extra-Spicy WW and regular spicy WW: Extra-Spicy guarantees a win from our higher-end binders, with 2XM toppers (Sword of Feast and Famine, Mana Crypt, Stoneforge Mystic, etc) and the more premier playable singles such as Fetchlands, Mana rocks, and special promotions being present alongside a plethora of our most popular staples. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Jason Pinchotto
The experience has been awesome! I mean it’s fun cracken packs but when you don’t know whatcha go...

I’ve been very lucky with some spicy pulls LOL… I always cross my fingers when these come in, cause I know it’s random on what I might get but even then the spice is delivered and very much appreciated! 🙏

Logan Jackson

It’s a great product! I really like everything I get from you guys and it doesn’t break the bank

Thanks for the kind words Logan!

Vera Bennett
Value added and more

See my youtube video - Goats and Magic and Maybe 3 People. Always get value out of these and great fun to open!!

Richard Alewine
Duplicate cards and low value each time

I have received this product 3 times and 2 of the 3 had the same Jin-Gitaxais SL card and each of the 3 have been su par in value when spending 90 dollars. Maybe others have better luck but was not as exciting as I hoped. I am only giving it a low rating due to the duplicate secret lair card. Otherwise it is as advertised and would rate it at a 3.

These are rolled from our inventory. We bought quite a bit of the Phyrexian Praetors and they represent a larger than normal percentage of our existing singles. Historically SL singles have received great reviews, but it's more likely that the product has become saturated and less enjoyable in recent times. We'll assess removing the majority of our SL inventory within the next few weeks.

Samuel Davis

I really enjoy this product. If you're curious about it I open one every week on my youtube channel MR MAGIC. MMC is very specific about this, but some still misunderstand: you are not guaranteed to get the same value back in cards from every crate. The market value of singles in general and of these crates in particular varies widely. However, I have found that the value averages out over time with the more crates I order. I've seen crates with cards worth 5X the crate price and other crates with cards worth 1/3 the crate price. This is a random product, if you don't want randomness, don't order it. However, you are guaranteed to get some cool and playable cards in every crate. They once sent me a foil ultimate masters box topper temporal manipulation worth $250. That is one of the prime pieces in my collection. On another occasion I got a giver of runes worth about $7. If you are looking for playable cards with a CHANCE at some really rare stuff, this is the place for you! I hope you found this review helpful and that you enjoy this product as much as I do.

We appreciate the great review Samuel!