MTG Random Singles Pack (The...WAIT WHAT? Pack)

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*HIGH RISK PRODUCT - Unlike our low-risk items, this product will vary wildly in value, on both the low and high side. Randomizers are not interfered with unless order notes are applicable*

DnD PROMOTION: Each time you purchase, we will roll a D20 in-office and if you hit a natural 20, we will throw in an additional Double Masters booster pack into your order. [If you want your order opened live, make sure to include that in your order notes - the D20 will be rolled prior to unpacking!]

You'll get 1-3 random playable singles from a mountain of cards ranging from Alpha to Commander Legends

This is for those who want a little surprise every month with cards you'd definitely want to be putting into your decks!

Included: 1-3 Magic The Gathering Singles or/with a sealed Box Topper Pack 2XM/IKO/ZNR

*Promotional/Limited Edition Singles are included in the pool*

Customer Reviews

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Richard Janousek

The card I got was a very spicy card the only problem I had with it and I've sent an email when I received the card about it was the card was bent upon delivery

Logan Hallett
The Spice is Real

Awesome subscription. Wide variety of value and playables.

Could have been better

My packs were mostly standard packs which was a disappointment. And my single card (extra spicy) was not even worth the extra spicy I paid for. I got a masterpiece choke. A great card I didn’t have, but it was under my the value of which I paid extra for. I would expect that if I paid for an extra spicy commander singles pull, my extra spicy one would be at least worth the value I paid. Or be more that one card for $65. My card was worth $50 and was considered the “great pull.”
If even the “great” pulls are under the value then what’s the point of paying for an extra spicy pull? Doesn’t make sense that even the “ winner pull” would be less than the value I paid.

Hello Alex,

You were not sent standard packs, as those are only allowed in our 9x standard packs - if there was an error with your order, please contact us directly. It's worth mentioning the cheapest Choke Masterpiece is worth $80, and the $50 mentioned above is for a damaged version.

Great Value

I purchased the wait what pack and received a demonic tutor alt art and subtlety. Definitely got value and more than I paid! I know this can be a gamble,but if you enjoying opening packs and collecting cards I would highly recommend purchasing it!

Jonathan Pflegl
Love the Spice!

Went for the "extra spice" and definitely got good value with a Karn and a couple $20 cards. I was stoked to receive cards that I could actually use in my decks. Thanks!