The Spice Lord's Pack

Sale price$24.00


Risk Report: Click here

Our newest iteration of the Spice Lord's Pack. We donate $2 from each purchase to our charity of the month, and offer some of the spiciest sets ever printed at an affordable cost. 

Risk and Transparency Report

What you can get [1 Booster Pack/Item] 

Phantom Packs [Rare]

  • Revised Booster Pack [Guaranteed Unsearched]
  • The Dark Booster Pack
  • Rise of the Eldrazi Booster Pack
  • Morningtide Booster Pack
  • Chronicles Booster Pack 
  • 2XM VIP Pack 
  • 1 Gram Solid Gold [Valcambi Suisse 999.9]

Masters Packs [Medium Chance]

  • Double Masters Booster Pack
  • Ultimate Masters Booster Pack
  • Masters 25 Booster Pack
  • Iconic Masters Booster pack 
  • Modern Horizons 2 [Set/Draft]
  • Double Masters 2
  • Modern Horizons 1
  • Time Spiral Remastered

Fan Favorites [Medium Chance]

  • Kaladesh [Guaranteed Unsearched]
  • Battlebond
  • Mirrodin Besieged
  • Avacyn Restored
  • Collector's Booster Pack (ANY)
  • Mystery Booster Pack 
  • Dark Ascension 
  • Eldritch Moon
  • Battle for Zendikar 

ULTIMATE HIT [Only 1 available per month]

  • Ultimate Masters Box Topper [GUARANTEED UNSEARCHED]
  • Double Masters Box Topper [GUARANTEED UNSEARCHED]
  • Entire Collector's Box [24 Packs] [Any set]



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Olga Abramovich

The Spice Lord's Pack

Ah Spicy

First pull was Iconic Masters, chase next please lol, but no biggie since the surprise is part of the fun!

Tyler Ball

Would love to see more variety. I’m seeing modern horizons, iconic masters, and masters 25 a lot. Would like to get more collector boosters or some vintage.

Paul Bissonnette
Just wasn't there

Two of the monthy spice lords pack got Modern Horizons 2 draft booster. For $25 a pack... just doesn't hold much value

Wendy Finchum
I expected too much.

I shouldn't have expected more for what I paid. I received a pack that I could have purchased for a lot less than the box price. My own fault though.

Hello Wendy,

It appears this is your first order with us and there may have been a bit of confusion as to what this product is. While it hurts to see a negative review for a fun little product that contributes to a great cause, we'd like to help explain it to you and to other customers who may purchase it without knowing how themed crates are handled at Mystery MTG.

The Spice Lord's Pack, and various other themed crates we sell, are based around RNG. It's akin to opening packs and looking for chase cards, except we are transparent with what you can win and offer a ton of value even without you hitting a chase pack. Many customers who have purchased this crate and may have received a vintage pack on the first go around, or M25, but also received something they didn't want as much later on. That's part of RNG. The great part is even when you're not hitting a Revised pack, you're still getting solid packs like Masters sets and Collector packs!

These are not really meant for one time-purchases. We cannot guarantee you'll get what you paid in value...we do guarantee the odds are fair, your order is randomized, and you're sent what you've won.

We're sorry this isn't what you expected, but we're glad we could clear this up!