The Spice Lord's Pack

Sale price$24.00


Our newest iteration of the Spice Lord's Pack. We donate $2 from each purchase to our charity of the month, and offer some of the spiciest sets ever printed at an affordable cost. 

What you can get [1 Booster Pack/Item] *NEW ITEMS AS OF JUNE 2022*

Phantom Packs [Rare]

  • Revised Booster Pack [Guaranteed Unsearched]
  • The Dark Booster Pack
  • Rise of the Eldrazi Booster Pack
  • Morningtide Booster Pack
  • Chronicles Booster Pack 
  • 2XM VIP Pack 

Masters Packs [Medium Chance]

  • Double Masters Booster Pack
  • Ultimate Masters Booster Pack
  • Masters 25 Booster Pack
  • Iconic Masters Booster pack 
  • Modern Horizons 2
  • *UPCOMING* Double Masters 2
  • Modern Horizons 1

Fan Favorites [Medium Chance]

  • Kaladesh [Guaranteed Unsearched]
  • Battlebond
  • Collector's Booster Pack (ANY)
  • Mystery Booster Pack 
  • Dark Ascension 
  • Eldritch Moon

ULTIMATE HIT [Only 1 available per month]

  • Ultimate Masters Box Topper [GUARANTEED UNSEARCHED]
  • Double Masters Box Topper [GUARANTEED UNSEARCHED]
  • Entire Collector's Box [24 Packs] [Any set]



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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Graham

The Spice Lord's Pack

Martin Newman
Foreign packs

Second set of 3 packs included 2x MH2 draft packs and an Italian Double Masters draft pack. Not sure how I feel about that but all in all, advertised. Hoping for something spicier next week.

Zac Shinkle

I know that the packs are random and not guaranteed to be fire, its a gamble and I knew that when i ordered. This is the second "spice lords" pack bundle I have bought. Both times, 2 of the 4 packs were the same and low on my "spice" scale. Again. I know its a risk, but two of the same packs in two different orders? It makes me hesitant to order again. A suggestion would be to maybe have something in place to ensure customers who order more than 1 pack don't get doubles? Just my suggestion.

Hey Zac,

Given the odds, very possible. Duplication happens quite often, some people hit multiple good hits in a row, others have subpart hits 4+ times in a row. RNG can be extremely fun, and sometimes it can be un-fun. Two different orders, even 6, wouldn't provide enough of a sample size to truly test out how the product actually feels (Imagine opening 6 boosters of Khans of Tarkir and expecting to see a fetchland given statistically there should be 2 in each box..opening 6 of the 36 means you either get extremely lucky or extremely unlucky)

The Spice Lord's Pack is simply meant to be a budget entry into RNG rather than spending $200+ for an entire booster box, while still having a ton of value. Collector packs, 2XM, older packs, and more have been won in abundance. Aether Revolt, Eldritch Moon, and others have also been won in abundance.

This is simply the product and meh is a fair response to it depending on what you're seeking - if value is what makes you happy rather than some RNG and the thrill of seeing what's next, we've always suggested buying singles or just buying the sets you're looking for.

We appreciate your feedback and we're happy you gave the product a shot - but for $20ish bucks the Spice Lord's Pack is the best we can do with negative margins (yes, this product has not generated a single dollar of profit because the wins can cancel out dozens of losses)

-Mystery MTG

EDIT: The majority of time someone hits something very nice, typically a review isn't left because they're satisfied - or a 5 star review is left without a description. When our physical location is re-opened, I invite you and anyone else to come see the rolls in person to see what people are actually winning.

Peter Eggerding

The Spice Lord's Pack

Adam Swift
Opportunity is there, just no luck for me

I had subscribed for a few months and enjoy the chance at some cool stuff, but never seemed to hit it. This last time I got an Ikoria Collector booster and a MH2 draft booster. I love the collector's booster (even if the godzilla card I got was the same one I got from my booster box) but MH2 just doesn't feel like it fits in this product. It's too recent to feel like a draft booster is giving the spice this product demands. I'll probably stick to the premium packs as I can get 3, even if I can't strike gold.