The Spice Lord's Pack

Sale price$24.00


Risk Report: Click here

Our newest iteration of the Spice Lord's Pack. We donate $2 from each purchase to our charity of the month, and offer some of the spiciest sets ever printed at an affordable cost. 

Risk and Transparency Report

What you can get [1 Booster Pack/Item] 

Phantom Packs [Rare]

  • Revised Booster Pack [Guaranteed Unsearched]
  • The Dark Booster Pack
  • Rise of the Eldrazi Booster Pack
  • Morningtide Booster Pack
  • Chronicles Booster Pack 
  • 2XM VIP Pack 
  • 1 Gram Solid Gold [Valcambi Suisse 999.9]

Masters Packs [Medium Chance]

  • Double Masters Booster Pack
  • Ultimate Masters Booster Pack
  • Masters 25 Booster Pack
  • Iconic Masters Booster pack 
  • Modern Horizons 2 [Set/Draft]
  • Double Masters 2
  • Modern Horizons 1
  • Time Spiral Remastered
  • Commander Masters 

Fan Favorites [Medium Chance]

  • Kaladesh [Guaranteed Unsearched]
  • Battlebond
  • Mirrodin Besieged
  • Avacyn Restored
  • Collector's Booster Pack (ANY)
  • Mystery Booster Pack 
  • Dark Ascension 
  • Eldritch Moon
  • Battle for Zendikar 

ULTIMATE HIT [Only 1 available per month]

  • Ultimate Masters Box Topper [GUARANTEED UNSEARCHED]
  • Double Masters Box Topper [GUARANTEED UNSEARCHED]
  • Entire Collector's Box [24 Packs] [Any set]



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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Greg Moss
Meh, but Ill give it a few months

First pack was 25th anniversary. Pulled about $3 worth of value from it. But I understood what I was getting myself into with this, it's a true gamble, especially with a small sample size.

If I were them though I would definitely skew the spicier packs to your new patrons, give em the juice before you stick em with the bulk. But I guess maybe it is really random?

Absolutely zero communication though, just an order confirmation email and then a shipping confirmation email 3 weeks later. There was no "Welcome! Here's your monthly ship date, dont worry if you dont hear from us for weeks!". Id probably recommend improving that.

All this to say, its a $25 lottery ticket disguised as a booster pack. But, Id be lying if I said I wasnt looking forward to next month. So, take that for what you will.


Bought two, got a double masters draft and masters 25 regular pack. So the packs themselves aren't great, and because they just shove two packs in a small bubble mailer, no cardboard or anything, both packs and the cards inside arrived with a slight bend to them. For more than fifty bucks after shipping I'm pretty disappointed and wouldn't recommend it, unless you've got a ton of shop cash to blow.

Good fun, bad luck

Received a pack of dark ascension for my spice lord pack, unfortunately opened about <$1 worth of singles from the pack but it happens.

Only real issue I had was that I ordered 9 premium monthly packs as well as the spice lord pack and it was a bit tricky to distinguish which pack was for the “spice lord pack”.

Will probably give it another shot at some point.

Kris Brown
It's like buying lotto tickets I can play with

I like not knowing what packs are coming with the potential of a spicy pack every now then. First month was fun, looking forward to seeing what surprises come in the mail this year.