The Lands Matter Crate

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The Lands Matter Crate. 

Mystery MTG has been stocking up Dual Lands, Fetchlands, and various other land staples for years. We're now throwing our customer-favorites into a crate with some of the spiciest RNG of all time. Whether you get a Dual Land, or a Fetch Land, you'll be sure to have a place for it in many of your decks!

*If this crate sells out, we'll be throwing another LP International Collector's Edition Tundra into a random order, with a signed sleeve from the entire Mystery MTG team! Tundra was personally used by the founder of the store*

You'll be getting 1-2 singles, and 3 booster packs from the lists below: 


  • Tundra [Revised - LP/MP] 
  • Tropical Island [Revised - MP]
  • Scrubland [Revised - LP]
  • Cavern of Souls [Extended Art Foil - Expedition - Regular]
  • Scalding Tarn [Retroframe F/NF - Foil Etched - Extended Art]
  • Polluted Delta [Expedition - Regular]
  • Wooded Foothills [Expedition - Regular]
  • Misty Rainforest [Expedition - Retroframe F/NF - Extended Art]
  • Arid Mesa [Retroframe F/NF - Extended Art]
  • Verdant Catacombs [Retroframe F/NF - Extended Art]
  • Ancient Tomb [UMA Topper - Tempest - Regular Extended Art]
  • Cabal Coffers [Extended Art F/NF - Regular]
  • Boseiju, Who Endures [Extended Art Foil - Regular]
  • Triomes [IKO - Extended Art Regular/Foil]
  • Takenuma, Abandoned Mire [Extended Art Foil/Reg]
  • Shocklands [Borderless Foil/Non-Foil]



  • Modern Horizons 2 [Set Booster Pack]
  • Khans of Tarkir Booster Pack
  • Return to Ravnica Booster Pack 

*Due to quality control issues in regards to Modern Horizons 2 - Retro Frame Foil may also be Foil Etched* 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniel Russell
Got what I paid for

It was a $100 crate and I got a $100 land. Not much more to be said; I at least broke even. I got an Onslaught Polluted Delta. That was welcome.

Sometimes you get a dual, sometimes you get a fetch, but either way, the RNG is all the fun!

Eric R
Spice is nice

Landed a misty foil etched with three packs, but the spice was not in my favor in the packs. Still a great way to get a nice land for sure. Now if only my luck was better haha. I’m going to jump on one of their crates here soon. Probably the commander crate.

Stanley Tarasewicz
Hit the dual

I got 4 crates, and in one I got a beautiful Taiga…the rest of the crates were fire too! I got a polluted delta an extended art scalding an arid mesa, and a full art savai! On top of that I got 4 packs each of mh2 set, RTR, and KoT. Definitely worthwhile.

It’s a gamble and I lost

Listen, I knew what I was getting into. I was looking at it like the lottery— $100 shot at an OG dual land. Well, it didn’t turn out for ya boy and that’s ok. Ended up with two MH2 fetch lands (one normal, one retro foil) and the packs. Maybe my particular turn out was worse than others? But getting some variety in the lands would have been cool, made it more exciting. But hey! That’s the game!

That being said, communication was on point. The package was sent out on time (make sure you’re aware when these bad boys are shipping). And it was a great idea!

Was interested at some of their other subscription boxes but I think I learned my gambling lesson on this one. Just gonna save that subscription money for some of those duals...

Jennifer Beeman

expected to get at least close on value, maybe within 20 dollars above or below. 1 crate was a 15 loss not bad was acceptable. 2nd crate was at least 60 dollar loss, definitely wont ever try that again

Hello Jennifer,

Please keep in mind this is an RNG crate. We ask customers review the list before purchasing to make sure you're okay receiving what's listed. If you're not - we ask you make exclusions to what you wouldn't like to see.

Not sure how pricing was done, but none of the crates sent out were $60 below purchase price.