Spice Extravaganza 2024

Tier: Small Crate
Sale price$45.00


We're clearing our inventory! 

The previous iteration of this product (The Chaos Crate) was a hit with our customers, and we're returning with even more spice. Over $600,000 in inventory!

Each bundle will come with guaranteed minimum value, meaning if you price what is received at TCG Market, it will come out to at least the purchase price. This will include a mix of singles, sealed, booster packs, and accessories we have in our Plano, Seoul, and Tokyo warehouses. Due to the different regions, some promotional singles may be in English, Japanese, and Korean. 

There are 5 tiers available - shipping for each box will happen on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of each month. As some of the inventory is arriving from abroad, orders past the 18th of each month may ship slightly later. 

Items will be removed from the list, or added, depending on availability

Items range from a Judge Promo Gaea's Cradle, to Double Masters VIP boxes, and much much more! 

A few of the included items:

-Judge Promo Gaea's Cradle

-Gaea's Cradle [HP - MP]

-Dual Lands [Tundra, Volcanic Island, Underground Sea, Taiga]

-Sealed Booster Displays [Collector Displays, Double Masters 2022, Double Masters VIP, Dark Ascension, Battle for Zendikar, Avacyn Restored, MM15, MM17. Masters 25, Magic 30th Edition and MUCH more!]

-Dragon Shield Sleeves, Playmats, Deckboxes [Art, Matte, Classic]

-Singles [Masterpieces, Promos, Pre-release Stamped, Serialized]

-Booster Packs [Draft, Set, Collector, Play Boosters]

While there are too many items to list, we will ensure each bundle is exciting and fun to open! 

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