Premium Monthly Packs: Foreign Language [EXTRA VALUE!]

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Late 2022, when examining our sealed inventory, we realized we had half a million dollars worth of foreign language product and singles. Over the past 5 years, this product has been purchased while not being included in any of our existing products. Since the beginning, we've had people ask for foreign language packs: Whether it's Spanish Amonkhet, or Russian Kaladesh, we just felt uncomfortable with adding non-English Booster Packs to our regular set list. 

So we're excited to announce our foreign language version of the incredibly popular Monthly 3 Pack Premium crate we've had since our inception. 

You'll get 3 random booster packs from the following list.

[ALL BOOSTER PACKS COME FROM SEALED BOXES - Guaranteed to be authentic, unweighed, and unaltered.]

What can you get?

  • Italian Revised
  • Chinese Prophecy
  • French Tempest
  • German Lorwyn
  • Italian 4th Edition
  • French Double Masters
  • Japanese Modern Horizons
  • Japanese Iconic Masters
  • Japanese Ikoria Collectors
  • Russian Kaladesh
  • Spanish Kaladesh
  • Spanish Amonkhet
  • Japanese Amonkhet
  • Korean Amonkhet
  • French Dominaria
  • French Battle for Zendikar 
  • French Dragons of Tarkir
  • French Rivals of Ixalan
  • Italian Hour of Devastation
  • Japanese Throne of Eldraine

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