Monthly Mystery Packs [Premium]

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The premium version of this product means we'll be picking from older sets with increased rarity and higher value cards - as well as GUARANTEEING a masters pack from the master sets. 

With the three pack option, we are sending out AT LEAST 1 masters set pack.

With the six pack option, we are sending out AT LEAST 2 masters set packs.

With the nine pack option, we are sending out AT LEAST 3 masters set packs.

Here is our current list of potential sets for packs:

MASTERS PACKS [Guaranteed to be in every purchase]: 

  • Masters 2013
  • Masters 2015
  • Master 2017
  • Ultimate Masters
  • Eternal Masters *NEW*
  • Masters 25
  • Time Spiral Remastered (Qualifies as a Masters pack)
  • VIP Double Masters 
  • Iconic Masters
  • Double Masters
  • Modern Horizons
  • Modern Horizons 2 Collectors
  • Modern Horizons 2 Draft


  • Ice Age 
  • Urza's Legacy 
  • Exodus 
  • Onslaught 
  • *NEW* 4th Edition
  • Mirrodin Besieged 
  • Eventide
  • Core 2021 Collectors
  • Prophecy
  • Apocalypse 
  • Morning Tide
  • Ikoria Collectors
  • Theros Collectors
  • Kaldheim Collectors
  • Core set 2013
  • Core set 2011
  • Core set 2014
  • Commander Legends Collectors
  • Commander Legends
  • Coldsnap
  • Battlebond
  • Khans of Tarkir
  • Dragons of Tarkir
  • Commander Legends
  • Aether Revolt
  • Ixalan
  • Amonkhet 
  • Return to Ravnica
  • Fate Reforged
  • MB1
  • Kaladesh 
  • Dark Ascension
  • Innistrad
  • Dominaria
  • Jump Start
  • Gate Crash
  • Magic Origins
  • Guilds of Ravica
  • Ravnica Allegiances
  • Hour of Devastation 
  • Conspiracy 1
  • Conspiracy 2
  • Tempest
  • Alliances *NEW* 
  • Odyssey *NEW*
  • Forgotten Realms Collector
The sets listed are curated monthly - we take out the least popular sets and let customers vote on what sets they want to see: Have a set you like that isn't on the list? Send us an email!



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 196 reviews
    Westin Bolliger
    Monthly Premium Packs are awesome!

    Mystery MTG definitely satisfies the collector needs of opening packs on a monthly basis! As much fun as it is splurging on the new sets that are released by WOTC, it's nice to have consistent packs arriving to my front door especially when they include sets that I may have missed within the past ten years. The Mystery MTG crew has been awesome and very generous with the packs they send and I always look forward to my little package of sunshine arriving every month. Thank you guys!

    Kyle Jobin
    Pretty decent

    I've been a monthly subscriber for a few months now and have got some decent packs. I am hoping for some older packs though. There's a giant list of packs available and it seems that over the past few months I've only been getting packs from sets within the last 2 years with the exception of 1 Dark Ascension pack. Also, with the more frequent jumpstart printing, I don't think that it should be considered a "premium" pack. All in all, I love that this is something I can look forward to every month for some extra gambling fun!

    Jordan Tober

    I love the gamble, no promise of what to get but a good idea of what it could be. I enjoy it a lot.

    Drake Veit

    Great Packs, couldn’t be more impressed with what you guys sent me.

    Glad you loved it Drake!

    Gabe Gillespie
    Good cards, low value

    All of the Uncommon/Rare/Mythic cards I got had great playability but, I only got 1 card out of 45 that was worth more then 2$... I’m a little stumped about that but I’ll wait till next delivery to decide if this is worth the price I’m paying for it.

    Hello Gabe,

    Unfortunately we can't control what's inside of the packs (if we could always guarantee a spicy hit we would!) but we can ensure it's straight from a sealed box and guaranteed to be untampered with in anyway.

    The spicy hits will come, but make sure you're praying to the RNG gods before opening them!