Monthly Booster Box Crate

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One of our most popular products, previously discontinued because of Covid disruptions, is now back and spicier than ever. Enjoy a mini Christmas every month - whether with your playgroup, or alone in your living room. 

Read our more detailed explanation of the product and RTB below the product list.

Risk and Transparency Report

What you can get:

The Eternal God Tier [5%]

  • Onslaught Booster Box [2 Available Per Month]
  • Double Masters Booster Box
  • Mirrodin Besieged Booster Box [3 Available Per Month]
  • Planeshift Booster Box [1 Available Per Month]
  • Legions Booster Box [1 Available Per Month]
  • Ultimate Masters Booster Box
  • Eternal Masters Booster Box
  • Avacyn Restored Box
  • OG Innistrad Booster Box
  • Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box
  • Modern Horizons 2 Collector Box

Lord of Spice Tier [35%]

  • Masters 25
  • Unstable
  • Dark Ascension
  • Battlebond
  • Iconic masters
  • Time Spiral Remastered
  • Modern Horizons 2 Booster Box
  • Kaladesh Booster Box
  • Mystery Booster Box [Convention/Retail]
  • Modern Horizons 1
  • Eldritch Moon
  • Dominaria
  • Aether Revolt
  • Ikoria Collector Box
  • AFR Collectors
  • Innistrad: Midnight Vow Collectors
  • Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Collectors
  • Dominaria United Collectors *NEW*

Dragon Scale Tier [60%]

  • Amonkhet 
  • War of the Spark
  • Return to Ravnica
  • Gatecrash
  • Oath of the Gatewatch
  • Conspiracy
  • Hour of Devastation
  • Khans of Tarkir 
  • Jumpstart
  • Commander Legends
  • Core Set 2013
  • Core Set 2015
  • Shadows Over Innistrad
  • Fate Reforged
  • Battle For Zendikar 
  • Rivals of Ixalan
  • Ravnica Allegiance

Please read our terms and rules before subscribing to this product. As this is a higher value item, and will likely attract bad actors, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription or order at any time. Any attempt at fraud, re-sealing, or tampering with product will result in legal action.

VPN usage or different billing/shipping addresses will result in order cancellation. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Preston Skinner
Absolutely Worth It

I just finished the first three months of this subscription, and have gotten the following boxes in order: Battle for Zendikar (60% chance), Modern Horizons 2 (35% chance), and Modern Masters 2017 (5% chance). Of course, it's all luck of the draw with which booster box you get. But knowing that you'll be receiving a box equal in value to what you pay AT MINIMUM separates any mystery box from anyone else. If you're able to afford the subscription, or even a one time purchase, you definitely will not be disappointed.

Dan Rich
2 months in

Currently a little neutral. Neither disappointed or amazed by the boxes received so far. A25 as a tier 2 box feels lame. It’s probably the worst box in that tier since the set is so bad. But the value of the box is on point. I was more excited with the tier 3 Conspiracy box I got month one.

Such a wonderful surprise!

If I had the funds I’d do this every month. I got both the monthly crate and the commander crate and got to crack a box of conspiracy AND got the secret lair I’ve wanted the most. Awesome products from people who really care. In a world full of con artists and scams its awesome to have such a legit mystery box company!

Stanley Tarasewicz
Great product

I got my first shipment in of three boxes (I had it preordered for a while) and I got a nice mix of boxes! One jumpstart, one conspiracy, and one masters 25! I plan on keeping them all sealed up for at least a year to see how it’s looking after that year, and maybe stream a type of box break (weekly, or monthly or something).