Masterpiece or Mastersheet

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For Masterpiece lovers everywhere, this is for you. 30x of our highest demand Masterpiece, Dark Rituals, stuffed into a crate with Aftermath Collectors. This will be a live-event streamed onto Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. This will be streamed on a rolling basis, as soon as 20 tickets are hit.

Here's what you can win [NM - MP]: 

  • 1x Force of Will Masterpiece 
  • 30x Dark Ritual Masterpiece 
  • 200x Aftermath Collectors Packs

THESE MUST BE OPENED LIVE! Your winnings will be shipped, or can be picked up locally. 

All items included are priced at 10% under TCG Market. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Always Fun

Second time participating in something like this run by Mystery and they're always very transparent about the chances and receptive to feedback. Haven't lucked out much on either event but still fun to occasionally try it

Some Mastersheet lol

Missed on my 4 pulls for the masterpiece but all in all a fun game and well themed keep them coming!

Fun times

Bought 3 tickets for Masterpeice or Mastersheet knowing odds were against me but it would be fun none the less. Watched both streams for it and pulled 2 Dark Rituals and it was fun hearing Alan's reactions. Great fun and I plan to buy other crates from Mystery MTG!

Never a disappointing pull

Despite this being an RNG product, this one still makes you feel like you got a good pull even if you don't pull the high dollar masterpiece. The collector packs are always a gamble themselves, but there are still plenty of good pulls to be had from them. Plus the added anticipation of seeing them opened on stream is a really fun and interactive way to do this rather than just another grab bag that gets sent to you. It really is a fun environment getting to watch these be opened live on stream, so I definitely recommend watching if you're able after buying some!


They sent MOM aftermath collectors boosters not what was advertised