Lorcana Monthly Premium Packs [3-6-9]

3-6-9 Pack Option: 3
Sale price$22.00


After immense demand, we've now released our first Lorcana focused monthly subscription! 

This crate includes product direct from our distributor [Mystery MTG is a Lorcana OP and HSP Store], a 1 in 65 chance at an enchanted card replacing a booster pack [see below], and 3 Lorcana Booster Packs. 

Booster Packs [Random 1-3 Packs]:

  • First Chapter Booster Pack
  • Rise of the Floodborn
  • Into the Inklands
  • Ursula's Return [UPCOMING}

Enchanted [Replaces 1 Booster Pack - List changes pending availability] : 

  • [Phantom] Elsa - Spirit of Winter *Enchanted*
  • [Phantom] Stich - Carefree Surfer *Enchanted*
  • Pete - Bad Guy *Enchanted*
  • Capitan Hook - Master Swordsman *Enchanted*
  • Pride Lands - Pride Rock *Enchanted*
  • Scrooge McDuck - Richest Duck in the World Enchanted

-Enchanted Cards REPLACE a Booster Pack 

-Enchanted Cards range from LP - NM

-Enchanted Cards arrive double sleeved, in a card protector


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