Into the Inklands Booster Box (24 Packs)

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Disney Lorcana – Into the Inklands

The new set will change up the game with a brand-new element: location cards! Discover new landscapes as you explore the Inklands in search of lore. These locations add a whole new dimension of gameplay and a fresh new spin to your deck. Into the Inklands introduces more beloved Disney properties, including DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Treasure Planet.

Each factory-sealed display box contains 24 Into the Inklands booster packs.

Unit: 1 booster box with 24 booster packs. Each pack contains 12 cards:

  • 1 foil card
  • 2 rare, super rare or legendary cards
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 6 common cards


Available for shipping and in-store pick-up from: February 23, 2024

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Isham

Thank you. With the craziness of the last two releases I was worried I wouldn’t get any inklands release. You came through and in in a timely manner without price gouging from the start. I would recommend you to others and look forward to possibly ordering from you again in the future.