Commander's Fury Crate

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Our most iconic crate is back and better than ever.

The new list for Commander's Fury includes sealed EDH Pre-Cons, Secret Lairs, Commander Collections, Booster Packs, Singles, and much much more! 10% of all revenue from Commander's Fury Crates will be donated to

Delivery: 30th of each month, or weekly if chosen

As of 9/10/2022 you may opt out of receiving any Secret Lairs. 

The variety of items is curated often pending customer response and inventory, don't want a certain item? Write it down in your order notes and it'll be excluded from your roll! You can win a mix of 1-3 items listed below.

  • Sealed EDH Pre-Con Decks [2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018]
  • Secret Lairs [ALL]
  • 2-3 Booster Packs [2XM, BBD, UMA, MM15, MM17, RTR, SOI, MH2, KTK, MH, WAR,TSR, CNS 1/2, DKA, Random Collectors, Random Vintage]
  • 1-2 EDH Staples [Vampiric Tutor, Force of Negation, Force of Will, Mana Drain, Cavern of Souls, Rhystic Study, Smothering Tithe, Cyclonic Rift, Fetch Land, Jeweled Lotus, Balefire Dragon, Edgar Markov, Vampiric Tutor, Urza Lord High Artificer, Random Masterpiece]
  • Commander Collection [Green, Black]
  • 2X2 Collector's Pack
  • Bundle: Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, MH2
  • Commander Legends Booster Box 
  • Signed Force of Will Playmat [Scott Fischer]
  • 1 Gram Gold Bar

Delivery Date: 30th of each month 

Cut-off Date: 25th [Orders placed after are rolled into the next month]

IMPORTANT: Due to the age of pre-2018 sealed EDH pre-cons, significant tearage or wear is possible. Tearage may also happen during shipment due to the fragile material used, but the sealed deck inside is guaranteed to be unharmed and fully playable. Duplication is possible if order notes are not updated. 

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Customer Reviews

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Follow up Review

So I just got my Commander Fury Crate in and I'm feeling slighted to say the least. Got 2 items for tte from the 1-3 roll:
- 1-3 Random packs (rolled 2)
- Kaldeim Collectors Pack - $17 value (tcg)
- Modern Horizon booster pack - $12 value (tcg)
- SLD: Totally Normal Guys (f) - $30 value (tcg)

This is an updated review, after what I recieved I wasn't very happy with the value. Fortunately, the owner is awesome and easy to talk to. We were able to come to a resolution very quickly. I think we were both of the mind that something probably got left out. He offered a partial refund, but with how well he handled the customer service aspect of it, I asked if we could just add something into the next crate to make up for it as that would probably work out best for both of us.

Looking forward to the next box for sure. Liked what I got, it was just lacking the value (once again, likely just a missing card or something) so I'm sure I'll love the next one!

Hello Ian,

Please reach out to us at

-Mystery MTG

Quinton Pererson

Commander's Fury Crate

John barclay
Best part of the month

I have been a sub to the crate now for some time now I can safely say even with all the RNG I never felt like I lost out. The pool seems very fun I am a big fan of the commander decks I have been getting in the new update to the crate but I have got in my time subbed a good amount of singles, packs, secret lairs, and even a really cool masterpiece for my fav cedh deck. Safe to say I am sold and will be subbed for the future to come.

Thank you for the very kind words John!

We appreciate it a ton
-Mystery MTG

Jeffery Correira
Love it

Got my 1st crate and loved it... packed with value even tho I always have bad luck with packs lmao... here's hoping my next will have a pre con as I subscribed for weekly crates as I enjoyed the crate anyway

Brandon Chellis

Commander's Fury Crate