Commander's Fury Crate

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Our most iconic crate is back and better than ever.

The new list for Commander's Fury includes sealed EDH Pre-Cons, Secret Lairs, Commander Collections, Booster Packs, Singles, and much much more!

Risk and Transparency Report

Delivery: 30th of each month, or weekly if chosen

As of 9/10/2022 you may opt out of receiving any Secret Lairs. 

The variety of items is curated often pending customer response, don't want a certain item? Write it down in your order notes and it'll be excluded from your roll! You can win a mix of 1-3 items listed below.

  • Sealed EDH Pre-Con Decks
  • Secret Lairs [ALL]
  • 2-3 Booster Packs [Premium Packs - Extra Spicy]
  • 1-3 Singles (Extra Spicy)
  • Commander Collection [Green, Black]
  • 2X2 Collector's Pack
  • Bundle: Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, MH2
  • Commander Legends Booster Box 
  • Signed Force of Will Playmat [Scott Fischer]
  • 1 Gram Gold Bar
  • Random Booster Box
  • Classic MTG Sealed Product [Premium Deck Series, Older Pre-Con Commander/Brawl Deck, Duel Decks]
  • CMM Commander Pre-Con Decks
  • LCI Commander Decks

Delivery Date: 30th of each month 

Cut-off Date: 25th [Orders placed after are rolled into the next month]

IMPORTANT: Due to the age of pre-2018 sealed EDH pre-cons, significant tearage or wear is possible. Tearage may also happen during shipment due to the fragile material used, but the sealed deck inside is guaranteed to be unharmed and fully playable. Duplication is possible if order notes are not updated. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews

So far majority has been worth it

Joshua Woodman
Good product, few mishaps here and there

Great product usually giving a nice variety of items you may not expect. Don’t buy the product if you’re looking to make profit on a chaos style product. It’s fun to get product that fit your commander potentials and fun packs to possible break open along with some potentially good singles! Delivery is always a struggle sometimes but I’ll chalk it up to bad weather from their location but all in all great product!


Waited two months. It was my first order. I didn't expect much. After receiving modern horizons 2 CE box. I just sat there looking at it and felt like I should have just went to my LCS and bought something random there. Was legit just a small box of packs to crack. Total value of my box was maybe $50. Total enjoyment of opening the box to see what was inside 3/10. It's a gamble choose as you like.

Keeps Me Guessing

I’ve gotten several of these and the variety of items is always a surprise l. This month hit CMM Hand of Erebos Deck, Box of Rocks Foil SL, Lotr CE and battlebonds pack. Always a fun open.

DeAngelo Simmons
I had a blast

Profit, loss, it doesn't matter. They delivered me product I had never seen before and will be getting more.