We're hiring. Come live out every gamer's dream with us in Plano TX!

Love TCGs? Love Magic The Gathering? Pokemon? Yugioh? or Board Games? 

Mystery Cards & Games - our premier brick and mortar in Plano TX is hiring. 

Quick info: 

Address: 630 N Central Expy Suite B, Plano TX 75074

Pay: $15/hour 

Hours: 1-10PM, flexibility offered. 

About the job: 

Mystery Cards & Games is the brick and mortar for Mystery MTG, a robust online store filled with Magic The Gathering Sealed, Singles, and other TCG items. We service "pack-openers" and competitive, and casual, Magic players by providing the singles and sealed product they need to advance their game. 

MCG hosts a ton of fun events monthly, ranging from competitive tournaments, to midnight set releases. While we focus on Magic The Gathering, we're expanding our offerings to Yugioh and Pokemon, and more recently Force of Will and Flesh and Blood. 

Your role is constantly changing - whether you're at the store front talking to customers and helping people check out, or in the warehouse fulfilling online orders, you'll be on the go constantly. Having strong knowledge about Magic The Gathering and other TCGs will help you succeed in servicing customers, and maintaining conversations about the game while also being able to organize cards and help create new systems for organization. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY TO APPLY! But once you start, you'll be expected to start learning more about Magic The Gathering, Yugioh, and Pokemon. 


Send your resume, and a simple cover letter to info@mysterymtg.com

Skills recommended: 

-Organized. You'll come into contact with thousands of cards weekly, and sorting them will be a big part of the job.

-Sociability. Our community is incredibly important to the brand, and maintaining their trust and loyalty is foundational to the success of our business. Our employees not only interact with the community, but become a part of it. 

-Love Games. Be a nerd, it's that simple. Even if you don't consider yourself a "gamer", after spending just a few weeks at our store, you'll find yourself falling in love with the games, and community.  Employees get a chance to play games with customers weekly! 


Starting pay is $15/hour

Probationary period [1-3 months depending on performance] is at $12/hour. This period is negotiable, and will be removed early if no incidents occur and reliability is proven. 

Hours: 1-10PM Wed-Sunday. Hours are flexible, but full-time is recommended. 

Citizenship: Must have a valid working visa, or be a U.S. citizen.